Mugs Coffe

In this assignment I learned how to make steam, and use the free transform tool. Adding a different gradient to the coffe cup and making a new one behind it and typing on it then putting color inside the cup acting like it’s real coffe.

Getting Acquainted

In this project it took me a while because I couldn’t find my files but then my mom reminded me that my teacher sent something out in my email and I downloaded them and then followed the instructions and turned it in.

Bouncing ball

For this project it took me a while to understand the video but pausing the 2 video I understood it and submitted it. For the first video I had to watch 3 times because I kept messing up. For the second video I did it the first try because it was easy

Stop motion Production

When I first made my stop motion I was confused so it took me a few days to do it, when I read the instructions I did that immediately and didn’t stop. For my stop motion story board all I had to do was just pictures and that was pretty easy. The stop motion production was the hardest for me because at first I was videoing my stop motion planner and my storyboard. I showed my mom the video and she said I don’t think your supposed to do that, then I showed her the instructions and then I got the materials I needed for the video.