Blog update 28

In video 41 I learned how to make my whole character black and then use show to click all of the buttons and use the camera tool to rotate the character. I used the heads up display to see all the coordinates

Blog update 26

In video 32 I learned how to draw and make rectangles over half the face and adjust it and making the other side of the face invisible and making it visible.

Blog update 25

In video 30 I learned how to see the front, side, and back of an image and editing it to place around the set. And I placed the image in the middle and put a cube over the face

Blog update 23

In video 23 I learned how to model a cube and make it curve all the way around and drew a line and used the vertex then I used the extrude on the cube to curve it. You can make it any way you want.

Blog update 22

In video 22 I learned how to make a platform that you kind shape any kind you want and doing the radius. I did the clone presets to force the shape down and then I designated to make it look like the earth crust like to slant it and made it red

Blog update 21

In video 20 I learned to make another zombie face with teeth and I adjusted them to make it look even and I fixed the eye and made the color metalness to make it look a little bit bright

Blog update 20

In video 19 I learned how to model a shape and extrude the side of the shape on one side then I drew a head that has a zombie face and edited it to make it look better

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